the wedding desk


artisans carved intricacies into its sturdy legs, rubbed glowing wax onto its tooled leather top, and fit golden locks within its private drawers;

donning decorous stone-walled castles, silent and loyal, collecting courtesan’s hushed tryst and dungeon’s torture scream, untold mysteries rested with far-flung keys on ocean’s gravely floor;

traveling o’er watery tomb one hundred years past, now before a self-bound guarded girl, bitter scorn transforms;

locked heart protected silent ambition until his act of love;

bestowing conveys hungry acceptance—for turmoil’s past and future’s unfolding;

the wedding desk, a groom’s betrothal; no longer trapped within stone’s shadow, her dreams escape imprisoned fear;

truth spills upon its aged surface; destiny whispers comfort to her broken child;

missing key imparted, faith unlocks its drawers.


originally written may 1997



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