are you ONE out there?

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Kindred Spirit, Bird Island NC | Photo credit: stepol / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

We’re all here to connect, to find purpose of experience (good and bad), and place of self (also good and bad). We write, we read, we edit, we write some more, we visit blogs and comment hoping to draw more readers to our own blogs but really we just want to connect. Does it matter if I have 2 followers or 20,000? If I want to secure an agent who will work to secure a publisher who will work toward selling what I write for a profit, who will find readers like you, then yes, I need thousands of followers.

But what if I just want ONE person to find comfort, kinship, to be something other than alone with their loneliness—though being alone with oneself can be as comforting as the best of kinship company, such solitude should never feel lonely.

Recording for memoir purpose has taken on new meaning to my writing; no longer do I feel lonely. I believe one person will read one of the somethings I post, and without my even knowing it will be read or not, I am thus not alone. My words, my soul, are out the secret gray matter hiding place. My fears and shames, along with joys and dreams, are out of the loneliness of my one brain. Kinda cool when you think about it.

So are you ONE out there?

No this post is not part of my memoir, it’s just an intermittent musing after writing intensely about some crap that happened earlier in life to someone special to me, and it left a heaviness in my head, not a headache heaviness, more like the choking weight of bad memories.

So I checked out a few of the blogs I follow and read this terrific take on memoir, and thought sharing would be a good thing.

As posted on Cheri Lucas Rowlands’ blog, Writing Through the Fog – be sure to click thru to Dani Shapiro’s A Memoir is Not a Status Update as published in The New Yorker.



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  • I know what you mean. Blogging helps you to realize that, yes, there are people who want to read your story. It’s helped motivate me in a big way.

    p.s. I tried to comment on your other blog, but it wouldn’t go through. Re: the frances project. You’ve undertaken an extraordinary project. What an amazing friend you are to her.

    • Julie, your dromomania work is quite impressive leaving me all the more appreciative of your thoughts. As for undertaking an extraordinary project…. let’s just say it has undertaken me, something you’re sure to identify now that you’ve produced a finished manuscript. Thanks also for the heads up about comment malfunctions, it’s now corrected.

  • So touching, that even as a recently published author of two books (about my traumatic life story) I am lost for words. I felt every word of your blog.

    • So there is ONE, hooray! Thank you for your encouraging words, as the first official comment on my blogs, I think I will print and frame it and sit it next to my keyboard to keep the inner naysayers at bay. Truly, thank you.

      • Aww…thank you and you are welcome 🙂 Wishing you well.

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